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04/18/2012, 05:26 PM
Check the video out for some of our current inventory:


[ youtube]Y1pyIIBGEOo[ /youtube]

The number between the tags is the only portion of the URL you need.

04/24/2012, 08:11 PM
For those of you who live in Northeast Ohio or looking for that one special saltwater store to support your hobby; this is the place worth while to make the drive and checkout. There are alot of small pet shops around and of course many vendors online to buy items to support our hobby but none come close to Aquatic Technology. I at one time used to work at Aquatic Technology part time when I needed to take on some extra income but found that working there my weekly wages were of course helpful, but the learning experiences on a daily basis by helping with the stores needs were payment in itself. Greg by far is one of the most knowledgable store owners out there and will help customers with any questions they may have or help them make the right desisions without just thinking about making sales for business. He supplies fellow hobby goers with some of the best quality (and rarest of finds at times) when it comes to fish, corals, and aquarium supplies. Upon visiting the store you will find you can easily spend hours looking at all of the livestock in the tanks while gathering ideas to grow your hobby at home. Its been years since I have worked there but I still enjoy seeing the store grow and make itself available for fellow saltwater enthusiest. Even if you dont live in the area making the roadtrip from all around will for sure be worth it. Id be surprised if you went home empty handed. More so if you have questions, ask for Greg the owner with his endless amount of information and hands-on experience he can offer.