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04/21/2012, 08:22 PM
Fantastic customer service!

I recently returned from a trip to find my skimmer pump had stopped working. I couldn't revive the pump and lack a store that carries a Sicce PSK-1000 replacement pump.

I ordered a PSK-1000 from Avast on Wednesday night. I wanted to try their modified venturi and machined output nozzle. It seemed like Avast had gone the extra mile to maximize the stock pump's potential.

I called Avast on Thursday and left a message explaining my situation and asked them to ship the pump that day. I settled in and waited for the Monday delivery.

Imagine my surprise when I received the package on Saturday! They had taken my situation into consideration and shipped the product Priority Mail, getting it to me 2 days earlier. My tank and I both appreciate this level of customer service. :thumbsup:

Right now I am sitting back and enjoying my now functioning skimmer. Thanks again guys.