View Full Version : CS1 You Built for the inexperienced

05/09/2012, 07:45 AM
I'm finally upgrading from my old HOB system to a 75 RR tank with sump and the CS1 You Built was recommended to me. I have no acrylic or DIY experience, will this be too much for me? Should I ask someone in my local club to help me build this skimmer?
Thanks for the input.

05/09/2012, 08:54 AM
Hi Leslie,

We have had many first-time DIYers assemble them without problems. Be sure to read through the directions and it helps to dry-fit the parts first. That way you can see how something fits together before you have glue waiting on one piece.

It may help you to practice laying a bead of acrylic glue on a napkin or other throwaway surface to get the hang of the tube's applicator.

Feel free to call in if you get stuck (no pun intended :) ) or have any questions during the build process.