View Full Version : Hammer coral receding tissue and flow problem

05/18/2012, 10:04 AM
I rearrange the rockwork and now I can't find a good place for my powerhead. I have a small 10g tank and not much space to move around. Wherever I move the powerhead it blows strong on hammer. Its not directional but still it bounces strong because of small size.


Frogspawn seems perfect there. I bought it 3 days ago and it opens a lot. However, hammer's tissue is receding and doesn't look like in the store any more. It still opens but not inflated like in the store. I tried with no powerhead for a day but still didn't inflate as frogspawn. In the store, Hammer's tentacles were thick and long as frogspawn.

The base of the hammer is completely skinless and on 1 head there is only half cm skin left to where tentacles grow. I can see some parts of some heads have 2 cm skin left.

It still opens fairly good but I don't know if this receding tissue will come to top and kill the coral. I am trying to eliminate the possibilities. Is this flow too much too cause stress?

As you can see in the picture there was some skin between branches and how it started to peel. However, after a week or so there is no skin left in that place all the skin receded to the top and seems stopped at 1cm under the edge. I took the photos at night that's why it is closed.

2 heads started to split 3 weeks ago. How long does it take normally to completely separate the new heads? Can this cause this receding tissue somehow?

what can I do to save it? coral dip or any suggestions?

05/18/2012, 10:45 PM
come on guys? I have been waiting some response to use Melafix dip. I just don't want to use and stress the coral more if its not gonna help at all...