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05/18/2012, 02:36 PM
Well, got my order of $450 worth of livestock for my reef club and myself.

All corals and fish appear to be o.k. except for my Blue hippo tang. :(

I put it in a bucket with it's shipping water after temp acclimating.. It immediately went and laid on its side in the bucket. (tipped the bucket so it was deep enough to be upright. Then started the drip. I tested the ship water with calibrated refrac. It came to around 1.023 and my tank was around 1.027.

I drip acclimated for around 2-3 hours. I dropped most of the syringe of detoxifier in with it knowing it would take a while to slow acclimate the fish. I retested the water before adding to the tank and it was up to 1.026.

It laid on it's side the entire time. I then netted the fish and carefully added him to the tank. He immediately swam sideways to the sand bed, laid down on it's side and stayed there for around 20 minutes. Then, it decided to slightly up itself and swim to the back of the tank and laid down on it's side again on the sand.

Lights are out and I'll see if it's still alive in the morning. Just wanted to report it today to have it documented that it seemed partially DOA.

I followed the acclimation guide as perfectly as anyone could and so far the other fish and corals and even snails are all great. It's just this fish...

05/18/2012, 07:25 PM
hippo's are weird like that, I had one lay on it's side for a while after getting him but he ended up being just fine.

05/19/2012, 05:51 PM
I'm noticing today he's hiding, but late yesterday he was out swimming completely normal and healthy. Today he's spent all day hiding behind rocks. I can see his fins moving so I know he's alive. He'll probably be fine. Another great order (so far) from blue zoo!!