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05/19/2012, 09:08 AM
IceCap 48" 2X250W MH, T5 & LED Reef Aquarium Light - North Indianapolis
I have a barely used IceCap fixture I used for roughly 6 months. It's currently hanging above my frag tank but wanting to make a full switch to LEDs so need some money to fund LEDs over my frag tank. I had this on previous system, used for ~6 months and then took down tank before moving or going dry for nearly a year. I have legs if you want to put on tank and also have hanging kit if you want to hang it.

I want to say I paid $1100 from Premium Aquatics and then add the lights and I have $1200-$1300. I'm starting out the price at $550 + Shipping.

Lights currently in fixture with three cords (LEDs, MHs, T5s). This is a really nice fixture for a 48" long tank.

- 2 X 250 Watt Pheonix MH DE 14ks (~6 months use on 8 hour photoperiod)
- 2 X ATI 54 Watt Purple Plus T5s (~6 months use on 12 hour photoperiod)
- 2 X Blue LED Tubes (Great for moon lights. I've been keeping these on above my frag tank currently but these are just for moonlights.)

Will support SPS, LPS, Zoas, Softies, and Leathers.....Really enough lighting for about any 48" tank or even a bit wider. Please let me know via e-mail if you have any questions/concerns. Fixture is really nice looking aestethically and only "wrong" thing with it is one of the plastic shields for the T5's/LEDs have a crack in it. I'll get pics of this if needed.

I still have original box and packaging so it can safely be padded for shipping. $550 if picked up locally.

MD Link to Fixture (http://www.marinedepot.com/48_Inch_IceCap_Reef_Illuminations_2_HQI_2_T5_%2B_2_Tubular_LED_Moonlights_(470nm_Actinic)_Fixture_Bl ack_48_Inch_Metal_Halide_Light_Fixtures-IceCap-IC3941-FILTFIMHFE-IC3945-vi.html)

RBuilder Review (http://************.com/2009/09/19/reef-illuminations-icecap-led-assist/)

Couple shots above my frag tank:


Small crack in http://i395.photobucket.com/albums/pp32/Dustin_1300_Reef/IMG_0725.jpg

Different light combos (Tank is 48"X36" so it lights little over half the width. I'd say it would light a 48"X18-24" footprint):



05/21/2012, 10:04 AM
$500+ shipping! Locally $500 flat. This is an extremely nice fixture and needs to find a new home soon.