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06/21/2012, 01:07 PM
In the process of upgrading tank setups to a 100g Cadlights Rimless. I have the stand built and it gives me 47.5" length of space inside. I have a 40B that Im planning on using as my sump. My question is: which way would you set it up?

Option A: 40B used as sump/refugium in the the following manner -

Skimmer > Baffles > Return Compartment (Eheim 1260) < Baffle < Fuge

Option B: 40B used as sump with a separate 10G elevated slightly next to it as a dedicated fuge -

Skimmer > Baffles > Return, then a 10G sitting next to it on the right which would be fed by the return and gravity feeds back into the return chamber

Option A would give me roughly 11" of extra stand space while option B would fit perfectly with about 1" to spare. I plan on housing my ATO container and electrical equipment in a separate area (possibly through a wall into a closet or a separate built stand). The only thing other than the sump(s) in the stand would be a BRS reactor which would be mounted above the sump on one of the walls (stand has 27" height inside). My only concern is that Id like to eventually purchase a doser which Im not sure would be able to be stored in either the closet or separate stand due to pumping distance.

Thanks in advance.

06/21/2012, 09:17 PM