View Full Version : frogspawn not open fully

06/26/2012, 09:14 AM
hello everyone a couple of weeks ago I bought some corals from a co worker that is moving and one of the corals I bought was a Purple tiped frogspawn that has 7 heads on it. In his tank it was massive the first day in my tank it was fully opened and it hasnt been fully opening anymore. my co worker was using a 250w MH the light i have my tank is a 175w MH and when it was is in my co workers tank he had a clown that was hosted to it

can anybody give me any ideas of why is not opening like it use to and all my tank parameters are good

thanks for your help

06/26/2012, 02:29 PM
could be water parameters or placement in your tank or water flow..... it doesn't need a host.