View Full Version : LED Lighting Question Need Help!

07/03/2012, 08:53 PM
Hi, I am just starting a 120 gallon macro planted tank. I might eventually want some soft corals (mushrooms), but mostly plants such as halem, blue ocho, dragons breath, etc. Dr. Fostor has Marineland reef LED lights on sale. Should I buy the Reef Capable (36 1W 10,000k LEDs, 6-1W460nm Lunar LEDs (2610 lumens)) or the
Plant light (36- 1W 6500K LEDs, 6 3W 460mn RGB LEDS 3480 lumens))???

What does all the numbers and letters mean? How do either of these compare to a 2 lamp 36"T5 fixture with t5HO bulbs or a 3 lamp 36" t5 fixture with T5HO bulbs?

I do have the macro plants growing well and looking beautiful in my 34g RSM seahorse tank using compact lighting with two 10,000 and actinic bulbs.

I just dont understand lighting! How does LED light compare to T5light???