View Full Version : Losing My Acans?

07/07/2012, 08:33 AM
Think I might be losing my acans. I recently lost a couple sps. I think it might be because of the fluctuations in temperature in my tank although I can't be sure because my thermometer is broken at the moment. The acans seem to be turning almost translucent and they have not been as puffed up as they normally are. What can I do if anything to stop them from going?

If it is a temperature problem what do you guys do to keep your temps stable during the summer months?

07/07/2012, 09:51 AM
What temps are you at? I do it the easy and expensive way and just keep my house at 73. :) I have one of the vents aimed at my water and it cools it very well.

You can add a chiller. And they even sell fans that are supposed to chill the water. I forget the name, and I dont know how well they work.

I keep a lot of acan and lps and I keep my tanks temps at 78 which gives me some breathing room if the house goes hot.

For really hot days or equipment issues you can keep bottled water in your freezer and if your tank overheats you can float the water in your tank - like ice cubes.

All Delight
07/07/2012, 10:19 AM
I'd be concerned if the temp goes over 82/83 I'd be worried. I personally keep my tank between 76-78 degrees.

Also, check you alk. Make sure that not too low.

07/07/2012, 10:43 AM
My thermometer is out of commission now, going to pick up a new battery today. I have been trying to keep my ac running so that the tank stays a reasonably consistent temp. Thanks for the other suggestions. I am going to have to start weighing my options if it turns out I am having wild temp swings.

On the other hand, Man!!! I just checked my alk and it is off the charts low, like 5.3. I have been wanting some brs dosers and now I think I will definitely get them just to protect all the money I have in the tank from way off params.