View Full Version : what are some real easy anemone/corals for a 33g?

geaux xman
07/17/2012, 05:30 AM
I have a 24x18x18 MrAqua rimless that I'm considering converting to a nano reef tank. I have a JBJ 150w MH(pheonix 14K), mp10, and an Aquaclear hob that I can already use along with a bunch of dry rock.

I can do weekly WC and go skimmerless.

I know a lot about keeping fish, but not much about inverts/corals.

Any suggestions on some beginner anemone/corals?

If this works out, then I will consider turning my FOWLR into a reef.

Thanks in advance.

07/17/2012, 08:27 AM
If your gonna do a anemone i would set it in there first. Let
it find its home and the place it will like to stay because corals
and anemones do not get along to well. I would say stick with a
smaller anemone like a bubble tip. Also please remember that
anemones like the bestest water the bestest light and the besterest
aquarium keeper

When i started my first tank i was told by many people not to add one
till my tank was a few years old I hate to say it but i killed a few before
i got smart if your looking for easy they are not that easy

as for corals

there are a few that are very easy

Zoanthids as they live threw almost anything

pulsing xenia but they spread like crazy

mushrooms lots of colors out there

those are just a few and my thoughts

07/17/2012, 08:39 AM
those were good recomendations. Please also note that some starter corals can spread very quickly if you have good water parameters and proper lighting. I would really try and do some research and discover what you really want. Joining a local reef/aquarium club might not be a bad idea either as some of those people might be willing to give or sell you pieces of some of their hardier corals.

geaux xman
07/17/2012, 09:32 AM
thanks for the comments guys. maybe i will just throw out the anemone idea.

how about some hardy LPS recommendations? I will do some more research on LPS.

I see the Flower Pot Coral that I might like. I will stop by the LFS and see what they have also.


07/17/2012, 09:35 AM
Mini carpets or flower nems are easy and hardy!

07/17/2012, 11:45 PM
~~candy apple birdsnest (sps) easy, grows fast, not expensive, and I'm skimmerless too! 20tall with two ac70's, glazer skimmer box, and pc lighting.

07/18/2012, 06:32 AM
Most commonly thought of lps are easy to keep. Lobos, acans, candycane, most chalices, favia, favites and duncans are all good options; not to mention the euphilia species. That list is by no means all inclusive. Just be aware of growth rates, sweeper length and light/flow needs when placing them.

I think birdsnest is a good starter sps. Monti digis or caps are also good starters. By starter coral, i mean starters for that phase in your tank's development, not first corals for a new tank.

07/18/2012, 01:13 PM
IMO....anemones arent considered easy. They are more for advanced aquarium keepers. They have water requirements. But the easiest(not being easy either) are BTAs. They do also like to move until they find their sweet spot but can still move.

07/18/2012, 04:44 PM
Stick to just coral, I have a small RBTA in a 20H, and I have to move my corals/rockwork everytime, it decides to go on the move. I'm seriously thinking about trading it or selling my corals, and going with a species tank only.

geaux xman
08/08/2012, 12:12 PM
Thanks for the suggestion guys. With the advice, I ditching the anemone idea. I'm cycling my tank and am just waiting for my nitrites to subside. Then I'll do a big WC and let the tank sit for a few days before adding anything.

I went to my LFS and like the torch LPS($50). I think I will try that for a couple weeks, then a hammer, then a bubble coral. I would like to try the birdnest as recommended later also.

So I will order some ReefCrystal(use IO for my FOWLR). With the weekly WC, how many % WC do you guys recommend for weekly(assuming net 30g)? Skimmerless for now.

Also, I'm reading about dosing part A & B? Can someone just give me a suggestion on a product to use. I'm capable of doing the Ca, Alk, Mg testing.

Also, can I get a recommendation on lighting schedule? light will be 150w MH. Probably a 14K pheonix bulb.

Thanks a bunch. I appreciate the help.