View Full Version : Cuttlefish layed eggs

08/01/2012, 12:15 AM
I just found out that my pair of cuttlefish had lay a batch of eggs in my tank. Don't know how many eggs yet, because is hidden under some rocks. But the size of the eggs seem to have another 2 weeks before it will hatch. Not sure what to do with all the eggs now.

Does anyone if the parent cuttlefish will eat the babies? and how many eggs does cuttlefish lay each time?

08/01/2012, 07:47 AM
i don't know about the parent's but they might be sucked up by the filter or into an overflow.
they are ushualy kept in a small breeder net inside the main tank for their own protection and so they are easier to feed.
they need to be fed live mysid shrimp for the first month or 2 then they can be trained to eat frozen foods or larger live foods but without the misid shrimp in the begining the babbies ushualy die of malnutrition.
if you have to many eggs you can send some to me:lol2:

08/01/2012, 02:57 PM
I'm not worry about the filter. Cause I design the tank for dwarf seahorse and breeding them. I had the parents since they were eggs too. I'm not too worry about food for them for the first two weeks. But I'm afraid they might eat all my pods.

08/02/2012, 12:20 PM
I assume they are S. Bandesis? The eggs are dark purple correct? If so they will only eat very very large copepods. I have raised them on isopods(Munnid) but after the first few weeks you need to get them on small grass shrimp or mysids. The more you feed the faster the grow the faster you can get them on grass(shore) shrimp. I gut load my shrimp with cyclopeeze and other dry foods. If you are breeding Seahorses I would use the mic-f probiotics if you have and feed as much as you do the horses!