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08/10/2012, 12:30 PM

I am planning to build an aquarium controller based on an arduino uno. I already have some experience with programming (android app) but not with hardware.
Now my question, what do I need to start? I would like to have in my controller:
Automatic replenishment of evaporated water
Day and night lighting on / off
Zeovitreactor The automatic on / off (= Just as an extra timer for lighting)
Temperature measuring and adjusting with fans
The pH measurement.

Salinity measurement (would be very handy)
a dosing pump

Now I've created following list:
1x arduino uno rev3
1x soldering iron with solder
1x Breadboard (how big ?)
1x packet breadboard wires
1x (touchscreen?) Display
1x USB cable for Arduino
1x power supply (how strong?)
1x DS1307 RTC
1x 32.768 KHz Watch Crystal 3x8mm 10 ppm
1x battery holder
1x PT100 (temperature sensor)
4x tl074
Ph Meter:
2x TlO62

The rest I do not know

Moreover, I have already found a diagram for a TDS (= salinity) away, it can be found here (http://www.octiva.net/projects/ppm/), I don't get the schedule so good, I know that the triangles are tl074.
But the name of the other parts I do not understand. Could you explain?

(sorry if my English is bad , I'm from Belgium:wavehand:)

08/11/2012, 10:05 PM
if you want to web enable it, which I think pretty much anything nowadays should, then you need to go with a mega as the uno will not have enough program space. you can get mega for around $15 more or less on ebay.

08/12/2012, 01:51 PM
Ok , I wil go for the mega.
First , I'm going to make te circuits on a bread board. If it works , I want to make them on a home made pcb , should I make the hole circuit on 1 pvc , or is it handier to make them on different pcb?

Indeed , I'm going to install an ethernet module

I have a fake ipod from china and I never used him , so I disassembled him.
Do you think that I can use the touch screen , camera (for live webcam) , speaker , sd card module?

08/12/2012, 07:13 PM

A couple observations if you don't mind spending a a little more you can get a much better RTC module(ds3231) a good pre made unit is Macetechs Chronodot for example. I have deadbugged these RTCs for use on breadboards as well. They are quite accurate and include a temperature sensor that is rather good as well.

You may find its better to start with the pH sensor first, I have a good primer on making one that I keep meaning to update but its a good start and tries to explains things in more detail.

The PPM sensor requires an AC signal as to not cause electrolysis and reactions with the salts in the water. You see the extra op-amp stages to implement this, a wein bridge oscillator, the sensor stage (a change in resistance in probe cause a change in amp stage gain), rectification back to DC and finally an offset stage to make the signal ADC friendly. By learning how to read the pH probe you will start to understand the processing involved in this method of sensing eC. There are other methods as well but I believe they don't use full AC wave forms (IE a 555 frequency timer based sensor) which should be avoided.

With what your requirements are you should be able to find plenty of example to build from and don't forget to ask if you get stumped on something.

08/13/2012, 03:45 AM
thanks, I think that I'm not going to use an arduino anymore , I think I'm going to build an arduino board by myself or that I'm not going to use it anymore , that way I can take a better microship , I'm thinking about the LPC2138?

10/07/2013, 12:55 AM
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