View Full Version : New Nano setup (cardiff 24g help needed :) )

08/10/2012, 03:33 PM

Hello everyone Im new to reef central but have been a hobbyist for quite some time and have done a few tanks in the past, but my skill level and knowledge is limited with corals and anemones.

I just purchased a cardiff 24 gal

see the specs there.

i bought ro salt water from lfs, live sand and 22 lbs of live haitan rock.

for my lighting i have a current satellite power compact with a lunar light

I want to know what fish to do and what corals and anemones to do. I really want to have a couple percs so my gf can watch them swim through the anemones.

I have no idea which corals or anemones or fish to do and welcome any insight as a good combo of fish, corals, anemones and a few crustaceans.

i want the most colorful corals and anemones that i can do with my lighting

thanks for any help