View Full Version : Berlin Style Tank??

08/12/2012, 06:08 AM
Would this be enough for this FOWLR plan.
135G 5ft long x18 width x 24 height

4 Inch DSB
100-130lbs of LR
4 Maxi jet 1200s
Two Reef Octopus BH 2000 HOBs: http://www.fragtasticreef.com/Reef-Octopus-BH2000-Hang-on-Back-Skimmer-Octopus-HOB-BH2000.htm?categoryId=89
= Combined skimmer capacity rating: 250gallons.

No Sump
No Cannisters.

PS: I already have one of these skimmers and have found a way to run carbon in the skimmer itself...scubs the tank in about 8 hours and then I can pull it. Should be good for about 4 of those uses per bag (after about 30 hours, they are saturated IMO but this gives me intermittent carbon filtration also).

Stocking list:
) Bristle Tooth tang (probably a kole)
2)Auriga Butterfly
3) Flame Angel
4) Longe Nose Butterfly
5) Pair of tank raised clowns
6) Fox face Lo
7) Small school of blue green chromis. (probably 6).

And possibly a medium sized angel like a Regal after its been up about a year.