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08/12/2012, 01:26 PM
I posted this same thread on the general reef disc. board before I realized we had a nano board, but here it is:

I've got a finnex 4g nano that I am in the process of evolving/adding things. It's been getting established for the last 8 months and a few weeks ago I finally added some zoas, gsp, ric, and a red mushroom. I have 2 tetra filters on it which should be producing enough flow to not need a small powerhead. And my lighting is a Par-30 Eco Spot LED which is 20,000k and 50w. There are 8 365nm blues and 4 warm whites....At night, only 2 blue leds are on.

The corals have been in there for about 2 weeks. They looked great for the first week or so but over the last week, the only thing that looks 100% is the GSP. The zoas, ric and mushroom are not completely open. They look healthy, but I want them to be fully exposed/expanded.

Is this a lighting issue or water quality issue? The tank is 12'' tall and the light is 10'' above the surface. My water specs are 78 degrees, 7.9ph, 1.023.5spg

If it's water quality, is a protein skimmer in line? Or more WC's? Current residents are 1 blue damsel and 4 red leg hermits that have been there for a while to break in the tank. I plan on replacing the damsel with a 6 line wrasse and a shrimp/goby pair.

Please Help! Thanks!

08/13/2012, 02:35 PM
Nothing bad comes from too many WCs. As long as you’re using good salt/water. For the size you’re going to be hard press to find a good skimmer. You can always try adding things to the filter for instance Chemi Pure Elite. As for the lighting thing pix can and will say more than words. Bring on the pix! Woot woot.

08/14/2012, 12:19 PM
here ya go :-)






not sure why they arent all upright...

08/14/2012, 12:38 PM
OK so on your water specs: pH is OK, salinity is little low, I like the .024-5 range for corals. But really need more info on the water IE Nitrates and trites, Phosphates, Ammonia, Ca, Alk

Lighting well it seems apprropriate for your tank, but 50 watts could be a little intense for corals near the surface but your lights are 10" above the surface which should be good. How long are you running them per day?

I think I would be more interested in complete accurate water parameters.

More info = better answers

08/14/2012, 01:10 PM
I see your problem. Your tank is on the wall, you should move it to the counter top instead.

Your corals are adjusting to your light. Zoas often open up and then close for periods of time. You could put some screen on top of the tank or shift the light over and then slowly ease it back.

Also a 6 line would be a poor choice for the tank especially with the addition of a shrimp/goby pair.

6 lines are pretty agressive to begin with so chances are you would be back to a single or no fish.

08/14/2012, 03:04 PM
Skip the skimmer! Match your water perams, and do larger weekly water changes. With LEDs it's hard to say, could be too much light or corals adjusting it really depends. I know for my Ledtric par bulb it puts out a crap ton of par....bleached stuff, instead of testing or acclimating first. A par meter would help in that department. As others stated check your other perams. If something looks off in my pico I do water changes.

08/17/2012, 12:27 PM
I would be really interested in seeing an alk reading from what you are describing. Another interesting reading would be a "just before the lights turn on" pH reading. Could let you know if your alk is way off. pH swings will cause shrooms and zoas to not fully open. But so will a lot of things. Have you been on top of your WCs recently?