View Full Version : Dosing w/ delay

08/12/2012, 11:50 PM
So really new to the whole controller programing, and tried desperately to figure this out myself. In the end I cant seem to do what I want.
Here is the deal, wanted to dose if pH dropped to certain level. Dose for only 1min, then wait 60min before looking at pH value to dose again.

any suggestions/help would be great.

08/13/2012, 01:28 AM
You need to think of it in a different way: dose for one minute every hour, unless pH is higher (or lower) than x.xx

Fallback OFF
OSC 0/1:00/59:00 Then ON
If pH > 8.20 Then OFF

The OSC statement does the dosing, the next line prevents dosing if the PH is high enough.