View Full Version : EB8 Port 5 Having Issues

08/15/2012, 04:27 AM
I just woke up to my apex display playing music. Upon looking everything over I noticed the Tunze ATO was not powered on. I checked the status page it showed Auto but OFF not ON as usual. Everything else was running fine. I unplugged the display and reconnected it was still alarming and no power to outlet 5 where the ATO is plugged in. I can Manually power it on and it comes on and stays on. below is pics of the outlet programming nothing has changed I cannot figure out why this outlet will not stay on while in auto mode.



08/15/2012, 08:11 AM
It's because the Apex thinks it does not have power. You have the If Power Apex command in the ATO outlet to turn it OFF. Now look at the bottom of the status page, Power Restored says None. Make sure that if you are not using a 12VDC adapter, that the Power Monitor setting is Disabled.