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08/18/2012, 03:18 PM
I noticed the other day that my Royal Blue leds had a very faint glow after lights out. I checked the code and it all looked good, unplugged the driver (Meanwell ELN 60 48D) and it was still on? Unplugged it from the vs port the blue turned off but then the whites (other vs port) had a faint glow. The other two vs ports control my Tunze 6055 pumps*, when I unplugged them the leds turned off. Apparently the Tunzes (V3 V4) are back feeding V1 & V2. Pulled some reading from those ports and got 0.035 V and about .5 micro watts. The system has been this way for some time with no ill effects.
My VS box is a DIY and a real no brainer, store bought cat5 cable feeding RJ-25 module plugs**.
My concern is am I doing long term harm to the apex, or the driver. Makes for a nice moon light, just hope I'm not wrecking anything.


* DIY control cable, I use several different vs profiles for duration and speed throughout the day and it works great so I think I can rule out a bad cable. Pin 1+ pin 2-
** V3- WO+, O- V4 WB+, G- same for V1&V2

08/25/2012, 06:08 AM
Did you ever figure this issue out?

I have similar issue when VS dimming is at 0 I have slight glow from whites channel. Then if I turn off power to outlet I get a flicker. I dont have any thing plugged into VS 3/4.

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08/25/2012, 09:10 AM
I sent a copy of my post to Rapid LED (where I get my led supplies) and Neptune I explained to both I did not expect a response regarding the other guys product.
I received a response for Rapid and they said they didn't think that the small amount of current would damage the driver but couldn't say for sure and was probably nothing to worry about. As for Neptune, after five days I unfortunately have not received a response. Makes me wonder if this is a known issue with Tunze pumps and the controllers circuity?
If I hear anything from Neptune I will post the response.


08/25/2012, 10:29 AM
They responded the next day and that response went to my spam for some reason and I just now found it, my apologies to them.
Sorry for any confusion caused.


Thank you for your enquiry and troubleshooting efforts. Based on your
description of the problem it sounds like there is some voltage bleeding
through between the variable voltage outputs. A 0.35% bleed through is
normal. I'm surprised to hear the Meanwell are registering this
voltage, but I don't believe this should cause any damage. I do
however, recommend to turn the power the AC power off when you intend to
have the LEDs off. Please let me know if you have any other questions or
need any further clarification.

Thank you,

Neptune Systems Support
Ph: 408-578-3022