View Full Version : Neptune customer service A+++

08/19/2012, 05:36 PM
I posted this in teh Vendor Feedback forum, but I know from experience, when looking for info about products and a vendor, people tend more to read through the sponsor forums for post, complaints, positive reviews, etc, so I'm reposting here ...

I have an Apex system, with lots of extras ... multiple displays, PM2 condx module, VDM module for AI's, 3 EB8's, etc. Over the years I have had multiple ocassions to seek or need support on various items, whether probe calibration issue or programming, etc. Everytime Curt and Paul have been quick to respond, very helpful, and excellant customer service. They support their products very well.

This weekend I had an issue, software related after I did an unsuccessful firmware update (I'm sure I caused the problem), that left my unit inoperable. Emailed them at midnight Saturday, and by noon on Sunday I had a detailed response from them about how to fix the issue and get the unit working. Their customer support was true to form ... A+++