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08/24/2012, 10:42 AM
Hey all!

Over the last few weeks I've noticed that my Apex wasnt staying connected to the internet very well, I would have to unplug and plug back in the usb to get it to reinitialize so I could control or see it on my iphone.

Last night I went to update the bios to correct this...and boy what a mess. I first did this from my dekstop over AT&T home U-verse network. It took forever...close to 3 hours, with a finish of a blinking amber light and no bios loaded...even tho the install screen showed it to be 100% complete.

So after lots of reading a fiddling...I do the whole start the boot uploader and then unplug and plug back in of the base unit etc etc. I did not have any success. The problem was that I could not connect to the controller.

So then I connected the controller to my laptop. Of course...this could only be done with a switch since connecting the ethernet cable directly to the computer offers no green post light on the port, nor does it allow the mac to recognize that the ethernet port is plugged in...

This was met with no success at first until finally for some reason or sequence of events doing the same steps over and over it worked! (with the macbook connected with a switch)

This whole time tho...the apex base seemed to be very very picky about which ethernet cables it would show a green light for.

The mistake I made here though is that I changed the network to dhcp mode on.

So, with all this success, I decided to retry updating to the latest bios, and boom it is done.(blinking amber light again) I do believe I am using the latest most correct ip address, but hell it might have switched at the very last moment. So now, despite all my best efforts of following the manual, using the cd, using my pc, using my laptop, using a switch, direct cable, etc etc I still cannot get it to update the bios.

My inclanation is that it now has a new ip address from my uverse dhcp that is different than the one I am trying to use to update the bios with. However, after looking at the client table on the uverse router and trying all of the issued ips...I have no success.

So now I am at a loss. Is there a last ditch, 100% fallback, works everytime with like a usb drive or something to get it set basic so I can at least use the screen and manipulate the ip address?

08/24/2012, 02:04 PM
The only way to update the firmware is through the utility loader. There's no other way other than send it to Neptune.

Do you have a Jr, Lite or full Apex?