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08/25/2012, 08:17 PM
Hello i am setting up a 180 72x24x24... I am wanting to purchase a set of power heads and a controller. The choices for me are Tunze 6095 vs 6105 vs vortech MP40s. Run by a Apex.

I have a 70 gallon sump in my basement with a hammerhead gold on the return to the display. I am turning the tank over around 17 times a HR I have the pump running half of what it can do so i can get a allot of flow from the pump its self. I have dual overflows on the sides of the tank.

I was thinking that i could point the the returns at the front of the glass and run two 6095s one each side of the tank. On the back side of the overflow from what i read there are capable of 3ft across and 2 ft wide with ease. So makes sense that they would work. The only thing with the hammerhead is that rite now its only running the return and next week it will be supplying my MRC6 Phosphate reactor and my chiller. I am looking for any helpful advice i can get... Thanks Jay

Tunze 6095 x2=420.00
Apex is 400.00
Total 820.00 OTD

Tunze 6105 x2= 650.00
Apex is 400.00
Total 1050.00 OTD

Vortechs are 900.00 OTD

08/25/2012, 08:25 PM
Vortechs can be run by Apex as well.

If you go with Tunze, go with the 6105s on that size tank, the 6095s lack the oompf for that length tank.

Both are great pumps, with great flow, great quality, and great customer support. My preference is Tunze, for the main fact that they are silent. I've used many models of Tunze oer the lst 10 years and I also have used Vortechs briefly 3 separate times. The Vortechs do make some minor noise that will be noticeble on a silent tank. It is the whirring of the motor and is comparable to a VCR tape rewinding. Otherwise they would blend in with fans, pmps and overflows easily. Pros to Tunze are silence and 2 year warranty. Cons are size and cords in tank. Pros to Vortech are minimal footprint and absolute minimal heat, cons are "noisy" and potential eyesore on side of tank. The Vortech has a great stand alone controller with true variable speed, where the Tunzes stand alone controller is more limited.

Cant go wrong with either. Ignore the price and choose on which suits your needs best.

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08/25/2012, 08:40 PM
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08/25/2012, 08:40 PM
Thanks James for the quick response. I am pretty sure i am gonna go with tunze since noise is a issue. The only thing you hear around the tank is slight sounds from the overflow since its plumbed to the basement so hearing some pumps would drive me nuts.. As far as cost goes do you have any suggestions on places were i might find them cheeper? Again thanks

08/25/2012, 08:48 PM
Yeah if noise is an issue or going to be a potential issue, Tunze is the safest bet. At 100%, neither of mine can be heard unless I am inches from them.

08/25/2012, 08:51 PM
Prices are pretty set by Tunze, but ssales can be found. Labor day is coming up, and most every major sponsor here- PremiumAquatics, AquaCave, ReefSpecialty, etc- have 10% off sales. There is also Socaltropicalfish.com, they have an email list to sign up, and they send an immediate 10% coupon.

cherubfish pair
08/25/2012, 10:34 PM
You could also put two 6095s on the new sea sweeps. They would cover the length of the tank and then some. You would have to turn down the flow on your 6095s.