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09/02/2012, 09:05 PM
I'm trying to understand something, and this is something I just noticed. When I look at my apex status page I see that the VarSpd outlets are showing the wrong profile for my lighting. When I look at my outlets with the corresponding profiles and the time specific functions are supposed to happen, what I see doesn't add up. Please look at the time as well in the screen shots.

Am I making sense?

See attachements...

09/02/2012, 09:55 PM
The 3 Sol outlets (5_5, 5_6, 5_7) are showing the proper profile per your programming based on the time of your status page screen shot.

Are you talking about the first 4 VarSpd outlets (VarSpd1_I1 - VarSPd4_I4)? The VarSpd outlets are not used with Sols. Do you have any 01-10v dimmable lighting connected to those VS outlets? If not, replace the programming with a simple Set OFF statement, or just set them to Manual OFF