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09/14/2012, 02:26 PM

I need an ATO that will not cycle my expensive peristaltic pump on and off repeatedly. I saw that yours claimed to have a built in hysteresis effect or built in range buffer. That sounds really interesting but I was hoping you could explain more about how this works. Is it simply a function of the pressure switch or is this an electronic component built into the control box? Also, what is the time delay of the hysteresis effect?

Thanks a lot, I am very interested in ordering this to solve my ATO problem.


Avast Marine
09/15/2012, 10:30 AM

The hysteresis is built into the pressure switch itself. It is not a time delay, rather a pressure differential required to turn on/off the switch. The deadband between the on/off set point is about 1/2" as we have found this to be the sweet spot to not cycle a pump on/off as you described.