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09/16/2012, 12:13 AM
While waiting for my new LEDs to come in, I jimmy rigged a 105w CFL over the tank. While netting some hitchhikers from my LR I knocked the (running)CFL into the tank where it shattered and shocked the heck out of me .

I know 'they' warn about mecrury exposure and proper cleanup from 20w bulbs. So I'm sure the amount of mercury in a 105w is a considerable amount more.

I did a 5g change (ran out of salt :( ) in a 29 and added loads of carbon to my filtration.

The tank has only been up for roughly 15ish days and so far I have had no losses to my (tiny) invert population or the hitchhiking corals.

How could this possibly impact long term tank health?


"A 13-watt lamp [...] released from 0.04 to perhaps 0.7 milligrams of mercury during the first 24 hours."

"[...]CFL's elemental mercury is not in vapor form unless the lamp is on with a current running through it. Otherwise, the mercury resides along the inside of the glass."

"[...]release of 1 milligram of mercury vapor into a 500 cubic meter room can yield air concentrations 10 times the current recommended limit for a child"

09/16/2012, 01:51 AM
I wouldn't worry very much, although I might do a few 10-15% water changes, and keep adding some fresh carbon a couple more times, about 24 hours apart.