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09/16/2012, 12:04 PM
Just got a breakout box for aciii. I travel a lot so float switches for my sump is an absolute must have for peace of mind. i'm also going to incorporate a wireless ip camera for my sump room but that will be a different thread.

So I want to have two floats, one for water too low, one for water too high in the sump. Both instances will turn off the return pump and email me.

Having issues with writing the code. What do i call the timers and switches? and how do I set it up?

Any help would be appreciated. thx

09/16/2012, 05:24 PM
I haven't used an AC3. The following thread has some logic for 2 float switches and an ATO that may be useful


09/16/2012, 08:50 PM
Assuming that the BoB is directly connected to the AC3, the switch inputs are called Switch1 and Switch2.

The statements you will use are going to be like this:

If Switch1 CLOSED Then RET OFF
If Switch2 CLOSED Then RET OFF
If Switch1 CLOSED Then ALM ON
If Switch2 CLOSED Then ALM ON

Depending on the current orientation of the switches, you may need to invert one switch or use OPEN in one of the statements.

Alternatively, instead of the second pair of statements above, you could do:

If Timer RET = OFF Then ALM ON

Substitute the actual timer name for your return pump wherever I have RET