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09/24/2012, 04:15 PM
Had a terrible experience with these clowns. Ordered new filters,because I was starting to get tds readings of .7 . When the filters arrived,the end of one filter was torn off. They send another one to replace it. I get the filters installed and my tds is in the 50 range!WHAT THE F??? Let it run for over an hour and the best it would do is around 17 tds. They tell me it's the resins,and I tell them it's your resins!!! They refuse to send better quality resins to me,so I end up purchasing them from Buckeye(http://www.buckeyefieldsupply.com/) , since they are 1 day shipping away. Get their resins in and IMMEDIATELY my reading is ZERO! Pain in the arse experience to say the least:headwally:,but now I know to buy from Buckeye!:beer:

Buckeye Hydro
09/26/2012, 06:48 PM

10/09/2012, 06:18 PM