View Full Version : Looking for input on tank upgrade size/dimensions based on needs. Thanks!

09/29/2012, 09:42 AM
As title suggests I've ready to upgrade (actually wife finally gave me the go ahead).

Lately I've been thinking through options so much that I've created "analysis paralysis" and am looking for input from fellow reefers.

I'll post some pictures of my constraints in this post.

* Upgrading from a 72 gallon bowfront.

* Need to be able to house purple tang and hippo tang. 120g+ tank seems to be in order and I've read both sides: tangs need the length of a 72" tank vs. tangs need the water volume.

* Better landscaping options as it's a reef tank.

So here's a picture of my current setup. The house we just purchased was built in 1929 and the family room at the back appears to be an add-on, inspector guessed in the 40's or 50's. Not sure what's under the floor but will eventually find out as I'm hoping to drill through and put the sump/fuge/etc. in the basement. I'm also under the impression that tanks of 135g and below can go most anywhere while larger tanks may create support issues based on their weight when stocked. Current tank is 18" deep but it's a DIY overflow that you'll see keeps it from being flush with the wall - a 24" deep OEM Reef Ready would be extend into the room about the same as it could be placed much closer to the wall.

I photoshopped some dimensions - current tank is 48", 60" will fit nicely, 72" looks to be too long as it would overlap room divider and wife thinks it'll be tacky. Options are all over the place - 110, 120, 125 etc. Perfect dimensions would be 60" x 24" x 24" - might consider building my own acrylic if not too expensive.

Also been reading that a 48" 120 is easier to landscape than a 60" because of the depth.

Thanks for any help or advice!