View Full Version : which equipment should be purchased new vs. used?

09/29/2012, 09:18 PM
I'm thinking of doing a new build and doing this one the right way. I'd like people's opinions on what I should get new instead of buying used. I'm looking at 100-150 gallon glass tank, glass or acrylic sump, skimmer, return pump, either vortechs or a Tunze wave box, and either a high end t5 fixture or midrange LED setup. Any opinions would be appreciated.

09/29/2012, 09:26 PM
The tank depend on condition. Sometimes you can get the whole setup cheaper than you can buy a new tank.

Try to buy vortechs and lighting that still has a warranty. Realize bulb replacement in any used price. 6 t5 bulbs can run you 150+. Used mag, eheim, and water blaster pumps hold up pretty well.

Depending on your setup don't over pay for a sump. If you have space its so cheap to convert a 30$ aquarium with a couple baffles.