View Full Version : creating a false sandbed

10/04/2012, 11:06 AM
I want to make a false sand bed and was wondering what to use. I'm wanting it to look like a sandbed on the bottom. Is there a foam or glue to do this with?

Reefin' Dude
10/04/2012, 02:58 PM
there are several methods of doing this. i used furniture epoxy embedded with dry sand on my system. i am not sure if i am allowed to link to other forums or not, or i would link to my build thread and the DIY for the FSB. i did a multilayer FSB. i used HDPE for the bottom layer because the epoxy would have been cost prohibitive for the depth i was looking for. i poured the FSB on top of that in smaller sections for easy removal if needed later (which i did unfortunately). i also embedded the first coarse of LR into the FSB in order to create a solid base for the rest of the structure. this also gave me a chance to pinpoint exactly where i wanted the CLS outputs behind these mounds for complete control of detritus.


the divers were put in there before the pour. that way i can carry the silly tank up where it needed to be, and be removable later if needed.


the finished plates removed.

i believe i used 3 parts sand to one part epoxy, i would need to go back and check the DIY. 4 total gallons of FSB. when the FSB was just starting to skim over i poured some more dry sand all over the FSB. then let it dry. it created a much less uniform surface. it looked pretty good. it also held off coralline growth a bit longer than other bottom covers.