View Full Version : Dinoflagellates problem

10/27/2012, 07:25 AM
My 5 gal pico recently had an outbreak of dinos, immediately following adding a full spectrum light, and going open top (Im sure this has nothing to do with them being introduced, maybe just sped up growth). Im pretty sure they're dinos, they blow off the rock easy, and have air bubbles at the tips, and look like 'brown snot'. Just wondering how to get rid of them permenantly? I believe they came on some zoanthids that I didn't dip (would a dip even work?). I also started running carbon in an aquaclear 30 (using aquaclear 30 carbon) to hopefully remove the toxins that dinos produce Water:
ammonia - 0
nitrite - 0
nitrate - 5
pH - between 8 and 8.2
I dont have a phosphate test, so Im not sure about the phosphates. I read on the a website somewhere that doing a water change is bad, because they may feed on trace nutrients that get added, is this correct?
P.S. Im not sure if this is the appropriate forum, please point me in the right direction if necessary \:)