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11/04/2012, 08:23 PM

I'm having some issue with what I believe to be Caulerpa Paspaloides that came as a hitchhiker on a small zoa rock that has now spread sporadically throughout my tank. I have a bunch of pix that I'll attach as a reference. The more I pick at it the more it seems to spread.

Here is some info on my tank:
45 gal reef w/30 gal sump/refigum
Sal: 1.024
Phos: 0
Mag: 1375
Alk: 7 DKH
No3: 0

Any tips on how to eliminate would be greatly appreciated!

11/07/2012, 07:03 PM
I would guess bryopsis instead, It looks too small and not nice enough to be caluerpa.

Many people have reduced bryopsis by raising their magnesium levels.

I like the peroxide method.

If it is on a rock that is easily removed I would get a small bowl, put some tank water in it to cover the rock, and add hydrogen peroxide to the bowl and let soak for a short while. Put rock back in tank. The bryopsis and any other algae will turn white/clear over the next few days and disappear. Zoas should be fine.

Research both of these methods before attempting and to get dosages. There are thousands of posts on these two methods.


11/26/2012, 01:28 PM
I feel your pain, LIQUIDONYX. I have been battling the dreaded bryopsis for months now and may have finally gotten the upper hand on the stuff.

The freaking bryopsis caused me to rebuild my entire reef in the hopes I could manaually remove the junk. Two months later, it is back in full force. It nearly starved off a colony of yellow sun polyps, is in the process of doing the same to my candycanes and duncanops. Coralline alge cannot establish a foothold because every square inch was overrun with bryopsis.

But I think I have finally gotten the upper hand. Here is what I have tried and what seems to be working for me, not sure which item is most responsible, but a multi-headed attack is best to conquer this dreaded weed:

* Metricide (using 2.6% guanelaldehyde), been dosing the tank with 5 mL of this stuff each day for about a week-- so far, to no avail.

* Peroxide dosing also. I did NOT try peroxide dips yet, and see that as a last resort, as numerous hobbyists have complained of this damaging some of the softer corals (mushrooms, xenias).

* Kent Tech-M or any other equivalent magnesium treatment. Just started this, and after the first night, the bryopsis is looking kinda brown and wilted.

* Emerald Crabs. I did not put these guys in my tank for my first two years, out of fears they would develope an appetite for my sexy shrimp and soft corals. But since introducing 3 of these guys, they have been GOING TO TOWN on the bryopsis strands, whereever they stand.

The bryopsis strands tend to be very tough, and it is funny watching some of the smaller rocks being jiggled around as one of the crabs works on pulling the grass off of it.

I just introduced the crabs this weekend, and each of them has already cleaned a softball-sized patch of ANY algae. By this rate, I will be giving them solid food inside a week to keep them fed.

If you are going to try removing the bryopsis manually, it is wasted effort-- the small snippets of plant that get ripped up will float around in your tank and start new patches of the stuff.

12/01/2012, 03:19 PM
We successfully got rid of bryopsis by dosing Tech-M. That stuff really works, but it might screw up your kH levels if you're too heavy handed with it.