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11/07/2012, 06:34 PM
What macros do you guys find are hard to keep?

I have had zero luck with Halymenia, Padina, and very limited success with Saragasum, Eucheuma, and C. barbata.

The browns and the Halymenia I really attribute to the quality of the specimens I've been able to get. The heat this summer played a part in it but these were always in very bad shape when they got to me, and I haven't been able to get them to survive. The other algae in the order always faired much much better.

The C.barbata and Eucheuma both seem to do ok for awhile and then dwindle. My guess they are needing something else I'm not providing or the other tank inhabs are out competing.

I haven't given up on these yet by any means just wondering what other people have had problems with.


11/08/2012, 07:43 AM
I have the same situation for keeping the brown algae like the padina, turbinaria quite a few times with no luck at all. Up to now, I still have a small pc. of turbinaria alive (for 3 months already with nearly unnoticeable growth at all) and I'm fine with a few sargassum sp at least 2 types of them for keep growing more than a year.

I also agree that is difficult to keep the halymenia sp ( used to have 6 different types and only 2 types still survive until now ) and the Eucheuma ( very popular species in the seaweed farming ) is also difficult to keep & the branches turned into white or transparent color and melted away but still survive with slow-paced of growth.

I have always been considering that some substances in the water column must be missing. Just like you and I don't give up easily and keep trying. I downgraded my system from 120gal to 40gal for mainly keeping the macro algae & seagrass early this year till now for more than 7 months and introducing a nano tank (2 gal) a week before for performing experiments planning to add different chemicals/fertilizer.

11/08/2012, 06:55 PM
Well certainly keep us posted if you find something that works. I really wonder about the effects of the other macro's chemicals on some of the competing species.


11/09/2012, 07:08 AM
Will do but I've encountered quite a few problem already like the PH & salinity fluctuate frequently due to heavy evaporation in a small tank without equipped with auto top-off when the furnace is on during the cold weather. You may pm me your email so that I can send some pictures.