View Full Version : It's almost Christmas Party time in Harrisburg, PA

11/08/2012, 07:39 PM
Christmas party for Mason Dixon Reef Club is quickly approaching. The party will be held at Jack's house in Harrisburg. The party will be held on one of two Saturday nights and will run from 5 till whenever. We'll probably do a raffle with at least one or two really nice sponsor donated gifts and we're also looking at doing some other raffles. Raffles will be limited to paying members only, but new members are more then welcome to attend the party and participate in any of the swaps. It's also not to late to buy a membership which is $20 for the whole year :-)

We'll do a coral swap, and also looking at doing a dry goods swap. Members will purchase an item $10 or so and bring it to the party, and then we'll swap. We're asking for everyone attending to also bring a covered dish with them. Right now we're looking for mainly "main dishes" since we always seem to have an overload of desserts (which isn't necessarily a bad thing)! We'll add more as the time gets nearer and if anyone has any suggestions or ideas please post them :-) We always have fun at these Christmas parties and everyone always walks away with some great stuff, with money raised during the year and sponsor donations our raffles get better every year! Also a great time to meet some of the newer people on the board!

Please log onto www.mdreefclub.com to get more info and directions