View Full Version : Why am i skimming blue/green water?

11/21/2012, 10:54 PM
I have a 55 gallon half hex, with a blenny, 2 engineer gobies and a sand sifter. 1 colt, 1 kenya, a cluster of polyps.
I have a Berlin airlift 60 and its skimming blue/green water for the first time instead of brown. And its skimming at normal speeds. i.e. not overflowing.
Last 10% R/O water change was 3 days ago of course the only type of water i use is R/O.
All levels are normal for the most part, phosphates at 0ppm. Magnesium is about 40 under normal, Calcium is normal Alk is normal. Nitrates/ites are normal, Ammonia normal. Have no clue why the water is blue/green?

All livestock are living healthy strong and vibrant.

11/22/2012, 12:58 AM
Do you dose Kent Trace Elements?? This happened to me, or any colored additives?

11/22/2012, 01:23 AM
Do you dose Kent Trace Elements?? This happened to me, or any colored additives?

Coral Accelerator. Its not a color additive. Dosed it with Zoe. But no discolorations.
However when dosing i shut off all filtration systems for 24 hours. I got about 60 LBs of LR.
I forgot to mention that i added DIY engineered two limewood stones, to work with my circulation pump, and my flow master. So as of a week ago aeration has been extremely abundant. Which leads me to believe that, that might be the cause.

Might sound a little wacked, i should know this but i dont, but may i ask, why in the tropical regions, like Boracay, Florida, Bermuda and such; the water is crystal blue? This might be in relation to a blue/green skim?

EDIT: Did research about why tropical areas have blue water, its because of the lighting spectrum the sun emits. Red being less invasive, while blue being the most. Which has no correlation why my skimmed water is green/blue. Whether u look at the collection cup in a fluorescent light or yellow. The waste is still blue/green

Home Depot offers Lab Water Testing for free. Im going to fill a sample cup up and send it to the laboratory to have a detailed explanation.