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11/28/2012, 01:26 PM
Hey, need some help. Never had a controller before and am considering Apex options. I'd prefer to scale up over time (AC JR + EB__ maybe), but don't want to be daft about total cost either. What should my shopping list look like? Any advice on my planning as well? Thanks!

Here is what I want to control.

two 2x39T5HO (separately could be nice, but I'm all on/off right now)
two BRS dosers for two-part
two mj600 pro powerheads (alternating cycle: 4 hrs one, 4 hrs the other, off for feeding and nighttime)
fuge light (for fuge being set up tbd)

A ways down the road I might swap out the two-part method for a calcium reactor that would require me to have a ph probe etc...but that won't happen in the short term.

So the above would be controlled, and I'll expect the rest to be manual on/off on another powerstrip/dj-center etc:

one mj 900 pro with hydor flow
sump return pump
?my heater could end up here as well?

11/28/2012, 04:07 PM
You could do it with this:

Apex Jr. with Display and temp probe
Add EB8 module (or EB4 but price wise probably just go with EB8)
Add PM2 module
Add pH probe
Add Breakout Box (or DIY)

You'd have to price that against:

Apex package (includes Controller, Display, EB8, Temp probe, pH probe)
Add Breakout Box (or DIY)

You'd have 12 outlets in the first config but you really don't need 12. 8 would suffice. The full Apex gives you variable speed ports and the option for an ORP probe as well as control of legacy modules (probably not an issue for you) that would not be included in the Jr. configuration.

11/28/2012, 04:24 PM
Thanks a bunch....and without the calcium reactor....I take it I wouldn't need the pm2, ph probe, and breakout box. That right?

11/28/2012, 06:02 PM
You need the breakout box for your ATO floats (and any other kind of dry-contact switch you can dream up).

The PM1 is just for pH. (looks like I said PM2 - that's for salinity, PM1 is pH. My bad.)

11/28/2012, 06:54 PM
I would go with a pH probe in any case. It is a pretty useful parameter to monitor. If you are dosing 2 part or Kalk, it is really good to have a pH sensor to turn off dosing if pH goes too high. An awful lot of people have killed thier tanks with dosing screw-ups. You will also see a pH drop if your top-off ever screws up.

If you go with a standard Apex, you will have option of two pH probes. One for a Ca reactor and one for the tank. That is a nice way to go. I have never regretted a dime spent on Apex hardware ( and I have spent a lot of dimes).