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12/05/2012, 07:28 AM
ok after everything i finally got the apex hooked up were it will sends me emails texts and even able to hook up to it from a house across the world! but i have a i phone and the only time the apex app works is when i am in my house connected to wiifi? i left and went to wal mart and tried to connect to it from my phone and it keeps saying it times out? when i go to the profile on it were it has this
do i use the dyndns host address in the host spot or is this app only used for when your in your house on wireless? if not should there be something different to enter there? cause i have entered the way u login remotely from the internet on another computer and it dose not work! or i may be typing it in wrong if some one can help that would be great!

12/05/2012, 07:33 AM
Name: whatever you want it to display as on the iPhone apex main page.
Host: whatever your DYDNS host name is, mine is cmyhouse.com (i don't have www. , just cmyhouse.com. You could also put your external IP address in there (this would NOT be 192.???.???.??? Ip, 192's are generally INTERNAL).
Port: Generally it is 80 unless you used port forwarding to forward to some other port for some technical reason you encountered.

So mine looks like:
Name: apex
Host: cmyhouse.com
Port: 80

12/05/2012, 12:32 PM
Thank you I appreciate it! I got it to connect now and it works good! No the next step is writing code for auto top off and other things :)