View Full Version : how to add photo under user name?

12/25/2012, 03:10 PM
New to the site and wanted to "personalize" alittle. I did see where i could add an avitar (edit profile), but i belive thats for under signature. Im wanting to add a photo under my user name that appears to the left of screen.

Forgive the newness, my computer and I arent yet friends :-D

12/25/2012, 03:19 PM
To the upper right you will see the "Quick Links" option with a down arrow. Click that then click "Edit Your Details".

Once in that screen on the left you will see a bunch of new options. One of those is "Edit Avatar". That's where you need to go :) Keep in mind it has to be a specific size.

Chaotic Reefer4u
12/25/2012, 07:22 PM