View Full Version : What to feed clownfish you want to spawn?

12/30/2012, 08:17 PM
So I have an adult percula pair I am sure are old enough to breed.
I find information about everything required except feeding.

I hear PE Mysis is probably the best bet. Should I soak the food in anything?
Would the clownfish benefit at all from Selcon or AminOmega? Is there something else I should soak, those are the only two I know of. Would feeding these to the adults improve the health of the babies?
Will they get enough nurition from just PE Mysis and Hikari Mysis? Does the health of the parents affect the health of the babies?

12/31/2012, 11:53 AM
ChipE, not to be discouraging but I had my percs for 5 years before they started to spawn for me. I got them in 2007 as small juvis when they were about 6 months old. Now however they spawn every 14 days or so and i have been working on raising the babies.
I currently feed my clowns a good mixture of frozen PE Mysis, squid, brine shrimp, krill,nutramar prawn roe, a cube of Sanfranciso Bay Emerald Entree, and evening meal consists of New life Spectrum Thera A. On my frozen foods I also add a drop or two of garlic! The NLS Thera A was recomemed to me by another breeder and has really seemed to increased the number of eggs laid and enhanced the orange color when they are first laid.
Clowns really seem to benefit from a varity of foods. Yes the parents health reflect the health of the eggs/fry!

01/09/2013, 11:02 AM
PE mysis is great for them and very healthy. I've been adding Rod's food (the breeder kind) because it has squid in it which is supposed to help with spawning. Hope that helps! Also try to make sure they eat two or three times a day.