View Full Version : T5HO Upgrade Advice Needed...

01/01/2013, 10:53 AM
Hi all and Happy New Year!

So, I'm seeking advice on a possible upgrade.

My tank is a 200DD, 48"X36" front to backX27" tall. The tank is predominately SPS, with Acans, Chalices and Zoanthids on the sand bed, in the front half of the tank.

My current lighting is 2XTek5, a 6 bulb and a 4 bulb.
These fixtures are several years old, with the 6 bulb fixture being older.

I'm considering an upgrade, or at least replacing these fixtures, with newer.

I'm trying to decide if I should replace with the same fixtures, replace with the Tek Elite fixtures or upgrade to ATI fixtures.

My issue is coverage. With my current set up, I get great coverage, front to back, on the entire 36". Granted, there's a gap, in coverage, where the 2 fixtures meet.

ATI offers an 8 bulb fixture, with a width of 17.5" or a 10 bulb fixture, with a width of 21.5". I'm concerned about the ability of these fixture to provide as much coverage as I currently have. I don't need 36" complete coverage, from front to back, but would like as much as possible, since I have some LPS and Zoanthids on the sand, at the front of the tank.

Obviously, either of the ATI options are going to cost a considerable amount of money, much more than buying new Tek5 fixtures. Also, something I'm considering, is the near future unavailability of the Tek5 fixtures. Currently, they're available, but won't be for much longer, as Sunlight Supply is rumored to be getting out of the Aquatic industry...

SOOOO, I need advice, suggestions, and all that! Thanks!!