View Full Version : BlueLine 250w SE 10K - how does it look?

01/02/2013, 10:10 AM
Trying to decide on a few options. I'm currently using 250w Phoenix 14K SE which are a sniff too blue for my liking, the Iwasaki 14K is a sniff too white for my liking, but I could supplement with 2x54w ATI Blue Plus T5, get even more PAR, and still be 50 watts less than running the two 250w Phoenix. When comparing spectral analysis I noticed the high PAR of the BlueLine bulbs, but I haven't heard of anyone using them (which is probably a red flag).

Anyone using the BlueLine 250w SE 10K bulbs? Can anyone comment on color, growth, etc on the BlueLine? I'm worried the BlueLine would look like an Ushio 10K which is not my cup of tea.

Options I'm considering:

Phoenix (AquaConnect) 250w 14K SE on electronic ballast PPFD 83.6
Iwasaki 175w 14K SE (save electricity) on electronic ballast PPFD ~87
BlueLine 250w 10K SE on electronic ballast PPFD 107