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01/13/2013, 12:20 AM
My Reef Creations MRC Nilsen Kalkwaser Reactors.

How does a Nilson Reactor work?
Nilson reactors are specially designed reactors meant to add “kalkwasser” (a saturated calcium solution) to your tank water. Kalkwasser, also called lime water, has a pH of near 12, so it, in itself, is a caustic substance to our aquarium inhabitants. However, when administered slowly, it will maintain clacium at appropriate levels, and will also help maintain pH at proper levels. Kalkwasser mix is a cheap substance to purchase, and allows calcium addition at a comparaitively lower cost. The counterpoint to this, is that administration has awlays been a tricky matter, always requiring either a labor intensive daily solution administered by “do it yousrelf” adaptations, or “Kalk stirrers”, using old laboratory technologies to mix a chamber.
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