View Full Version : Clownfish Breeding attempt.

01/13/2013, 10:01 PM
I've wanted to set up another smaller tank for awhile now and my dad brought up the suggestion of trying to breed clownfish which is something i've always wanted my clowns to do but wont, too many other tank mates/stress in my 120g tank.

As for the purpose of starting this thread i was wanting to get some tips and pointers (aside from patience tips like what kind of flow i should have in the tank etc...) as for what i should be aiming for and maybe a few clownfish choices i should attempt at breeding. If anything i want to breed some pink skunks, the ones with the lateral line on them. But they're pretty hard to find/order in where i live. I was thinking a black and white ocellaris with a false perc since they can get some pretty funky designs. All the offspring of the clownfish would be sold back to the store to keep the hobby going.

So.... i was thinking of doing a 29g (cube?) with 15 lbs of rock in it with a 2" sandbed and a 2 stage 15g sump. drain+skimmer+fuge baffle and then return.

as for the fry tank just a bare bottom 10g.

01/13/2013, 11:08 PM
TLDR; Wanting to try my hand at breeding clownfish, any advice and helpful tips welcome (aside from patience)