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01/24/2013, 01:21 PM
i have the renew storm rvoc system up and running for over a yr now. lately i have noticed that 1 of the 2 metering buckets is draining slow.
Sump/bad water metering buckets drains out with in few sec of solenoid opening and the drain flex tube is 45 degree angle right off the bucket and about 15 feet to drain carrying 45 degree angle all the way.
While the problem metering bucket is draining much slower almost 3 times more time than the good one. it also has a 45 degree angle flex pipe but shorter about 10 feet total to sump.
i opened it cleaned the insides which had some hard water deposit residue but couldnt get into or open the solenoid part. i have a feeling that maybe that residue is inside the solenoid causing it to drain slow.
any suggestions?

01/24/2013, 01:55 PM
Hi bnumair,

The solenoid is a dry armature type, so while possible it is unlikely that there is any grit holding it closed. Often you may find that a large air bubble gets stuck in the tubing and/or output port of the valve and it actually prevents water from entering the tubing - which then slows the flow to a stream rather than flooding the entire tube.

Many times you can position the tubing such that it tends to completely fill a section of the tubing with water, which then pushes the air bubble out due to an increased flow rate. You can test this by restricting the flow coming out by pinching the tubing with your fingers about 8 or 10 inches below the valve until you see the tube completely fill with water between the valve and your fingers. Then after a couples seconds let go - if the water continues to flow quickly it is quite likely that an air bubble is the culprit. Try this a few times, and if it does fix it during any of your attempts you've probably found the problem.

Another thing: be sure that the end of the dispense tubing in your sump is not submerged. If it is, the air inside the tube is trapped and must be forcefully pushed through and out the submerged end - or it escapes up through the open valve - creating a condition similar to the above.

You can also direct some compressed air into the valve from inside the Metering Reservoir to help dislodge any contaminants that may be there. Do this while the valve is open and while it is closed. Don't over-pressurize it though, since it could rip the diaphragm.

Let me know what you find. You can always email me directly, which generally receives a quicker response.

Have a great day,

01/24/2013, 04:06 PM
thanks for a quick reply Kevin.
the end of the tube is not dipped in water. i did try the pinch method but only once or twice and very very close to the drain of the bucket. i will give it a shot about a foot down and see what happens.

05/14/2013, 04:30 AM
If it still doesn't works opening up solenoid part will be the only option because the problem seems to be originating from there itself.
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