View Full Version : LOVE My Ocean Reef Miser but...noise?

01/24/2013, 05:38 PM
Hey you Guyz that Filter,

Ive had my Ocean Reef Miser for like 6 years now and its a BOSS. Only issue is that the pressure gauge reads zero at all times and then when my float valve "kicks" the unit off there is this howling of air or water or something from within the unit. And the needle on the gauge shakes madly.

Is it as simple as just replacing the pressure gauge or is there some other evil at work here?

Btw folks, i've used this thing in 3 different towns and tds going into the DI is always at 1-2. At the price i paid for this honker, can't beat it!

01/25/2013, 02:33 PM
We talked on the phone and just wanted to post it here. The noise your experiencing and the problem with your pressure gauge is related to water surge or water hammer. The surge has broken the spring in the pressure gauge. Hammers usually appear with higher pressure and noise can be short or long duration until the hammer arrests itself. Hammers can sometimes be arrested or shortened by adding a check valve But the water is moving so fast and with such force that the check valve can't always capture it. I have a surge on my system and use the check valve to arrest the hammer and prevent a back flow out of my RO/DI.