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01/27/2013, 03:45 PM
Reef Octopus Luxury Rimless Aquarium

These quality rimless show tanks features stunningly clear 3/8? low iron glass on all viewable panes, sleek black background and ShinEust black glue joints for strength and durability. Each aquarium comes standard with a Pre Drilled 2.9? hole on the bottom left pane for the use of our functional yet quiet Black Tube Water Flow System.

The Luxurious Reef Octopus Aquarium System can easily become a beautiful and functional focal point within any home or office. By developing and manufacturing all the components of our system, we are able to provide a system that is simple to setup, easy to use and enjoy. Choose…
1) The Aquarium
2) Matching Stand/Cabinet
3) Water FLOW System
4) Matching Sump
5) Lighting
6) Filtration (protein skimmer, media reactors)
7) Other accessories (return & flow pumps, heaters, etc.)
Warranty: 1 year warranty on aquarium if placed on ST60 Aquarium Cabinet.

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