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01/29/2013, 12:57 PM
Just a few months ago I was praising this company and placed around 5 orders the last few months as well.

I placed an order on hold back in December for 2 female solon wrasses and 2 exquisite fiji wrasses. I was called around 3+ weeks about completing the order, which I had totally forgot about. In fact I have placed an order with them while this order was on hold.

I added a couple of convict tangs and completed the order. When I got the package the water was really cold and all of the fish were in bad shape (breathing fast, very pale and laying on their sides). I also noticed that I received 2 blue side and wrasses and 2 maldives (red undersided not the mostly green fiji variety) instead of the wrasses I ordered. It clearly said fiji wrasse on the box I checked. They do say they get them from Maldives, Africa, Australia and Fiji range but it clearly states that the fiji variety is what they offer to sale. I have bought these same wrasses from them before.

I took pictures and emailed customer service. No one responded. The next day one of the exquisites died. Took pictures and emailed, this time they responded by telling me that I would receive a credit. I responded back asking what about the fish I didn't order? No response. I called was told only Mark Martin could handle that but he was out until Monday. Per the nice guy on the phone he said to email again asking what is going on with the fish I didn't order. No response. I called again on Monday left a vm with Mr. Martin and the guy I spoke to for the second time said he would talk to Mr. Martin. Called again on Monday told that I would get a response the next day.

I called today, spoke to Wayne in customer service. He told me that the exquisites were exquisites and nothing would be done about those that case was closed. The blue sides were a bad pic and I would need to send another. None of this I was told before. I said I cannot accept that. Getting fish I didn't order could you put in the notes that I will go to my bank to dispute it? That's when I was told "You are threatening me! You are taking food out of family's mouth!" I am locking your account and customer service is closed to you. Only the owners will speak with you, expect a call from them. I apologized if he thought that was a threat I was just letting him know nothing more.

I asked him do I still need to send pictures. I was told "Do what you want to do, customer service is closed to you!"

Just wanted to get my latest experience with this company known.

01/30/2013, 04:05 AM

Sometimes when your in business you have to eat off the dollar menu at Mc D's.
Your taking food from my family LOL wow! cant believe the response he gave you!

01/30/2013, 01:25 PM
Yea... I'll never use these guys. Just stick with Live Aquaria.

01/30/2013, 04:02 PM
I have sung their praises before but I am having a similar problem. I am about to file a claim with Paypal if they do not respond. I sent them their pictures of the fish that were DOA, got a quick response, now I have crickets. Have not heard anything in return. Their customer service is a little off here recently.

01/31/2013, 10:31 AM
Thank you for letting us know about your experience. After having talked to the customer, the situation has now been resolved. It turns out that female solarensis wrasses were received as well as the correct exquisite wrasses. The exquisite wrasses were a color variant rarely seen from Fiji which the customer was not expecting. We came up with a solution that satisfied all parties.

We appreciate the comments and are always looking for ways to improve service and customer experience. Take care.

02/01/2013, 09:42 AM
The claims department must be very busy as I have not heard a response in 10 business days. I have been very patient but just had to file a dispute with paypal. I am sure it will all get worked out but the fact that there is no response to emails is alarming.

02/01/2013, 05:34 PM
It sounds like they are moving facilities. Maybe this is part of the reason that they haven't been so responsive.

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02/02/2013, 07:56 AM
I have dealt with them for many years and until recently never had a problem at all with their shipments so did not have a need for customer service. Once there was a problem it was hard to get a response or answer. They issued me a credit. I did not think that they would just let it go unresolved but no response for over 10 business days is difficult to take. Maybe the move has caused some problems.

02/04/2013, 01:11 PM
I have had excellent experience with them. Customer service in my case was excellent. Took the time to talk about my needs and answer questions about specific fish.

02/04/2013, 04:39 PM
Hey guys,

Yes, as was alluded to, we are indeed moving into a larger facility. This move has been planned for several months but it has just been in the last few weeks that the heavy lifting has started. If we have neglected some of you, especially our long time and loyal customers, than we are truly sorry. We will make it up to all of you once settled by having an even better selection of hard to find products and lower prices.

To make up for some of the recent timing issues, here is a super secret coupon code which will take 15% off of all livestock items not already on sale. It is good just for this week from now until 2/8/2013


Enjoy. :)

02/05/2013, 11:17 AM
Congrats on the new facility. Post up some pictures.