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02/05/2013, 01:58 PM
I am looking to replace the pump on my DAS EX-1 (Deltec APF-600 clone), due to serious vibration/age. The pump is an Aquabee 2000/1. It is set up as a gravity fed recirculating skimmer, running external to my sump. It fits my tank/stand perfectly, I really do not need a different design, just a pump.

There are little to no direct replacement options for the pump that are not very espensive. Even a new impeller is well over $100, which may well be the only problem. Regardless, I do not feel like buying another or getting replacment parts since this pump is dissapearing and harder and harder to maintain without spending sily amounts of cash/time. I tried getting a Red Devil SP3 with no luck, and the more I look the less I find in terms of places that deal with it.

So... I would like to adapt another more common pump to my skimmer. What are the current pumps that can be reliably run in-line, and externally?

I was thinking of a Sicce PSK-1000 until I read it runs HOT and should be submerged. The other problem is the inlet and outlet can't be off-set. I was looking at the Bubble Blasters, but they have that issue, which would make adapting it a much bigger PITA.

Any ideas?

02/05/2013, 03:26 PM
I did some research Aquabee might be your best option

02/05/2013, 07:02 PM
Think you may be right. I am honestly sick of looking, nothing will work. The other option is a modded Ehiem 1260, which is nice, but would end up being more expensive and more work (and just as bad maintenance etc..)

Reefconcept in Canada has the Aquabees, and most of the other stuff. I am just going to buy like 2 of all the 0-rings, bushes, shafts, etc.. and then either I end up with a working back-up pump or have will have spares for years.

Love the skimmer, and can't see going away from my my gravity feed/sump setup, but its funny that this pump and some spares will cost more than the whole thing did to start!

02/05/2013, 09:39 PM
I saw an Ehiem 1260 setup as a pump on a recirc skimmer for $350 from Reef Dynamics, but the pump looks bigger than the Aquabee. You could try calling them, they do custom work

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02/05/2013, 10:39 PM
I went ahead and got the Aquabee, I guess its a newer model with an improved impeller shaft system, so the same problem is much less likely. After thinking about it, I want to make sure I do not overpower my skimmer with too large/different of a pump. It works great for my system, and bigger is not always better.

And I might be able to repair my old one with some parts they have, and have it as a backup, or mod this Coralife super-skimmer I have laying around for fun.

Thanks for the help.

02/06/2013, 07:33 PM
Where did you get the Aqua Bee pump?