View Full Version : Metal Halide Dusk and Dawn

02/07/2013, 08:49 PM
Just getting back into the Hobby and had a lighting question for my 90g...

Does anyone use Metal Halides to simulate a dusk and dawn?

Was thinking of using 3 - 250w or 2-250w & 1-175w:
2 would be 14K for daytime
1 would be a 20K for dusk and dawn (250w or 175w)

The 20K would come on first for dawn and remain on for the entire photo period.
Then 14k's would kick in one at a time and then kick out one at time at the end of the day.
The 20k would then go off after the dusk period.


02/07/2013, 10:11 PM
I don't think it would be very noticeable because they ramp up so fast to full color.

Ron Reefman
02/08/2013, 05:29 AM
Look into EverGrow leds. They sell direct from China and they sell thru a US based distributor called Reef Breeders (they have a sponsor forum down at the bottom of the RC list of threads). I had t5, then went to 1050W of MH, added 200W of t5 actinic and 150W of ledaccent to the MH and in Dec I took the plunge and went all led. They can be dimmed, you can adjust the color from a very 'clean' white all the way to deep blue(more than 20K) and you can change it at your whim. The EG/RB IT series even have a built in timer/controller. So my lights are on 24/7. They get brighter and have a hint of blue tint over 3-4 hrs in the am, are very white for 4 hrs at mid-day, dim down over 4-5 hrs in the afternoon and by evening are quite blue. All my choice, you can do whatever set up you want. I can even adjust how bright the moonlights are durring the night! Dim as the moon rises, brighter at mid night and then dimmer again as the moon sets.