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02/11/2013, 01:36 PM
I am thinking of ordering the Renew system and i have a few question.

I notice there is a return on the waste bin back into the sump and I am thinking of mounting the waste bin on the outside of my house where i pump water from the sump up to the waste bin and the metering waste water goes into a brute container on the outside of the house. Do i need the extra return back into my sump like the picture in the manual? and if i do need that setting whats the best way to do it since i need to pump the waste water to a hole drilled in the wall and pumped to the outside.



02/11/2013, 02:13 PM
Hi Andy,

The "loopback" tube is there to help the metering process, ensuring that exactly one gallon is removed from your sump. It also provides a vent for the Metering Reservoir. I would definitely recommend keeping the loopback tube installed and routed back to your sump for a couple reasons:

If you remove the loopback tube or route it to waste, a small amount of "extra" water pumped into the Metering Reservoir will not be returned to the sump (going down the drain instead), and as a result the water level in your sump will drop by that same amount. If you use an automatic top off device such as the STORMô, the unit will detect the lower water level and top off with fresh water, causing your salinity to drift downward over time.

If possible, I would recommend drilling an oversized hole for the waste tubing and routing the loopback tube back to the sump through the same hole, then sealing the gaps with foam or silicone. You could also just drill another hole the same size as or very slightly smaller than the tubing OD and run the tubing or pipe through that hole such that it is lightly pressed into place, filling any gaps to keep the elements and critters out.

Please let me know if you have any other questions!

02/16/2013, 10:16 PM
just a suggestion: keep ur metering bin installed close to the sump and run a waste line out to the outside of the house.
i have mine setup this way. my setup is in the garage and metering bin is close to sump. line feeds the metering bin and a line goes back to sump for loopback. waste line goes out the garage through the wall (i drilled 1/2" hole) and in to the drain right outside the garage in the front yard.